Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Odessa Texas

Laundry Pickup and Delivery: Odessa, TX

Do you need laundry pickup & delivery in Odessa, TX? Call Wash Em Up Laundry! Our drivers will come out and pick up your laundry, then deliver it to you once it’s clean and folded! Wash Em Up Laundry offers the best laundry pickup & delivery service in Odessa, TX – reliable, high quality service every time!

Guaranteed Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery

Wash Em Up provides pick-up and delivery at your home, office or workplace with excellent customer service and top-quality results. You can rely on us to get your clothes cleaned and folded, follow your instructions, and to deliver your clean clothes. Not only that, but we take pride in delivering the best customer service of any laundry pickup and delivery service anywhere. Call us today to book your pickup!

For laundry pickup & delivery in Odessa, TX, call:

Wash Em Up * 2101 Odessa Dr, Odessa, TX 79701 * (432) 218-7475

A Few Interesting Facts

The washing machine was invented in in 1782 by a British man named H. Sidgier. However, the first electric washing machine available to the public wasn’t invented until 1908.

Laundry detergent was invented during World War I to make up for a shortage of soap.

Today’s washing machines are far more efficient than the washing machines of just a few decades ago, which used up to 50 gallons of water per load.

Dryer sheets have a lot of surprising uses – including as mosquito repellant!

Do you need your dryer to dry the clothes a bit faster? Try adding a dry towel in with your wet wash. The towel will absorb some of the moisture and make the whole load dry quicker.

For the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russia built a 300,000 square-foot commercial laundry facility!​