Most clothes can be washed on the Cold setting without getting any less clean as a result.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Midland Texas

Laundry Pickup and Delivery: Midland, TX

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A Few Interesting Facts

Detergent was invented during World War I. An alternative was needed due to a scarcity of soap.

Just a few decades ago, washing machines used up to 50 gallons of water per load. Today the number is closer to 13.

If you throw a dry towel into the dryer with your wet wash, the whole load will dry faster.

Most clothes will get just as clean on the Cold setting, while saving energy.

A British man named H. Sidgier invented a type of washing machine in 1782, but the mass-produced electric washing machine we use today wasn’t invented until 1908.

Did you know that your clothes can actually get less clean if you use too much detergent? The extra suds can hold into dirt, and then deposit it back onto your clothing!