Fluff and Fold Laundry Service

Fluff and Fold Laundry Service in Odessa Texas

Are you just too busy to wash your clothes? Come down to Wash Em Up for the best fluff and fold laundry service in the Odessa, TX area! It couldn’t be simpler. You just bring your clothing into us, and we will wash it, dry it, and hang it or fold it for you. Then you come back and pick up your clean clothes!

Drop Off Laundry Service

Wash Em Up is the drop-off laundry service of choice in Odessa, TX, and surrounding areas. Our fluff and fold service is the best choice for anyone who needs their clothes washed but doesn’t have the time to do it themselves. All you have to do is bring your clothing in and tell the attendant you want to use our drop off laundry service. The attendant will ask you a few questions, including your contact information and your preferences (temperature, detergent, softener, and drying), before weighing your clothing and taking your payment.

We will wash, dry, and hang or fold your clothes for $2 a pound, or $1 a pound with no folding.

Wash Em Up * 2101 Midland Dr, Suite #1 Midland, TX 79707 * (432) 218-7475

A Few Interesting Facts

  • During the revolutionary war, Patriot spies used clothing hanging on a clothesline to send coded messages.
  • The average household washes between 8 and 10 loads of clothing every single week!
  • The first electric washing machine ever invented was named “Thor.” It was manufactured by the Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment Company of Chicago.
  • A single eight-pound load of dirty clothes contains an average of 53 grams of grime and dirt.
  • Today’s washing machines use far less water than older models – an average of 13 gallons per load as opposed to 40 gallons just forty years ago.