Commercial Laundry Service in Odessa Texas

Commercial Laundry: Odessa, TX

Wash Em Up Laundry offers the best commercial laundry service in Odessa, TX. Our pricing, service and quality are better than any of the large, national laundry companies out there. We are a locally owned and operated business, with a simple invoicing system and no slick salespeople or intimidating contracts. If you’re looking for commercial laundry service in Odessa, TX, call Wash Em Up to find out what we can do for your business!

Guaranteed Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery

Wash Em Up guarantees professional pick-up and delivery at your place of business, with top-notch customer service and high-quality results. You can rely on us to deliver exactly what you need exactly when you need it, and to make sure every item is cleaned properly every single time. We’ll beat any other commercial service on pricing, customer service, and quality. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!

For laundry service in Odessa, TX, call:

Wash Em Up * 2101 Odessa Dr, Odessa, TX 79701 * (432) 218-7475

A Few Interesting Facts

Commercial services are able to offer such affordable rates due to the much larger loads they handle. As with any other type of business, ordering in bulk is a great way to save!

Commercial laundry works on a regular and recurring schedule, so you can always be sure of having the uniforms, sheets, or other items you need to run your business.

Commercial services track every item carefully to minimize losses. No mysterious disappearing items here!

Commercial machines are larger and more technologically advanced than the typical home washing machine, resulting in a more thorough and reliable clean. 

The Internet of Things is coming soon to our industry, including smart technology that will make commercial laundry services even more efficient!

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