Fluff and Fold Laundry Service in Midland Texas

Fluff and Fold Laundry: Midland, TX

If you just don’t have time to wash your own clothing, Wash Em Up Laundry will do it for you! We offer the best fluff and fold laundry service in the Midland, TX area! It’s really easy – just bring in your clothes and we will wash them, dry them, and hang them or fold them for you. When we’re all done, you can come back and pick up your clean clothes!
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Drop Off Laundry Service

Wash Em Up is the place to go for drop off laundry service in Midland, TX. Our fluff and fold service is an excellent way to save time and reduce stress in your life. Just bag up your clothes and bring them in. The attendant will ask you a few simple questions, such as your preferences for temperature, detergent, softener, and drying. Then they’ll take your contact information, weigh your clothes, and collect your payment.

Wash Em Up will wash, dry, and hang or fold your clothes for $2 a pound, or $1 a pound with no folding.

For laundry service in Midland, TX, visit:

Wash Em Up * 2101 Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79701 * (432) 218-7475

A Few Interesting Facts

Modern washing machines use only 13 gallons per load, much less than the 40 gallons used just forty years ago.

The typical household washes 8-10 loads of laundry a week!

The first electric washing machine was built by the Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment Company of Chicago. Its name was “Thor.” 

During the War of Independence, coded messages were sent by hanging clothing on a clothesline.

How much grime and dirt is in a single load of laundry? About 53 grams!

70% of all the dirt on your clothing is invisible to the naked eye. Just because it looks clean, doesn’t mean it is clean!

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